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Reasons to love chemistry classes

General Chemistry: You get to begin learning about the central science. In this class you will begin to be able to consider yourself a scientist.

Organic Chemistry: You are given the knowledge to create. This class if taken with the proper perspective will transcend you from student to chemical architect and learn to build structures of magnificent complexity and beauty.

Analytical Chemistry: You will learn how to solve some of the problems that are associated with the quantification and qualitative determination of molecules. In this class, you will learn to be a detective of sorts, continually hunting for answers.

Physical Chemistry: You will be given the given the gift of enlightenment and become one of a few who see the world as it truly is. In this class, the beauty of the chemical world will be showed to you through the purest lenses possible, namely, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and quantum mechanics.

Inorganic Chemistry: You will be provided with the power of the periodic table. In this class, you will be given the chance to apply this power to various chemical problems, of which only you can determine your metaphorical job class. Quite literally, the possibilities are endless. 

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    Reason note to love: bump into something in lab and you die. Other stuff is pretty neat though.
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    yeah, all this is well and good until you take your teacher’s test.
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    Inspirational, but seriously fuck organic chem.
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    The only one I really hated was Physical Chemistry. Analytical Chemistry will always be my love
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